Eeva Interviews S.J. Hermann, Author and Scriptwriter of the Supernatural Thriller, The Morium Trilogy

I'm deeply involved in the Indie industry. Editing, Writing, Book and Cover Design, Marketing... I love helping authors publish high quality books. To be honest, I have no patience for those who don't even try. See, I love to read. The first picture of me holding a book, I was in the crib! So, sloppy books offend me on a personal level. To me, it's no different than serving spoiled food in the restaurant.
3 years ago, I met S.J. Hermann and along with a handful of authors, we formed the  now defunct Alliance of Self Published Authors. Back then, we knew so little about self publishing.
Steve has just published Morium then, and like all new author's works, only a handful knew about it. Now, Morium is preparing for its film adaptation, with Steve writing the script. Good job, Morium!
If you want to read my first interview with S.J. Hermann when he was still a wee unknown author, you may visit this link.
Terminus, the end of The Morium Trilogy, will go live on May 9, 2017.
I know the ending of the series has a special meaning for Steve, and so, on Authors to Watch, we're going to gossip with the man himself.

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