Sci-Fi Trilogy by Annie Douglas Lima

Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center, and performed free-lance advertising design.
The Krillonian Chronicles Trilogy is now complete with the new releas of book 3!
Set on a world where slavery is legal, slaves wear collars, and martial arts include weilding a cavvarach, Bensin is born into slavery.  The only thing he enjoys in life is fighting in cavvarach shil tournaments.
The Cavvarach can be  a deadly weapon!  The shil is a shield worn on on arm.

  •   The Collar & the Cavvarach (Book 1)
  Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is desperate to see    his little sister  Ellie freed. But only victory in the Krillonian 
  Empire's most prestigious tournament will allow him to
  secretly arrange for Ellie's escape. Dangerous people are       closing in on her, however, and Bensin is running out of ime.   
  With his one hope fading quickly away, how can Bensin save    Ellie from a life of slavery and abuse?

  My Review:  5* 
Mix between Karate Kid and Gladiator

Slavery in a futuristic society includes very harsh treatment that we associate with the Roman Empire. Young Bensin is a martial artist who loves the cavvarach shil mixed martial arts event. He is happiest when he's in his zone using the cavvarach to fight but he promised his dying mother that he'd look after his sister Ellie. More important he promised that Ellie would be free one day. How can a young teen help his sister escape slavery?

This book is a mix between Karate Kid and Gladiator, expertly written to make us care what happens to Bensin, Ellie, and even his new owner. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.
The Gladiator & the Guard (Book 2)

Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is just one
victory away from