This will freak you out!

Cee Tee Jackson (Colin) was born in Glasgow, 1958. After completing High School, he kind of fell into a job with Bank of Scotland, in whose employ he remained for twenty-eight years. It wasn't a bad fall and in time he worked his way through Branch Banking from office junior to Manager. He was one of the cuddly, old-school Managers. You know - the type that were kept in the cupboard under the stairs. (That's for those in the UK of a certain age.) However, times change and two redundancies later, in 2007, he started his own small pet care

Nothing to do with my writing …. but this is gonna seriously twist your melon, man.


Meet Oscar. Oscar is going to show you some cards. 





Pick one of the following cards. Don’t click on it – simply remember it.




Have you picked your card? 

Do you want to change your mind?

No? OK.


Right, here we go – concentrate hard on your card.

Feed your thoughts to Oscar.



Oscar is reading your mind …. but it’s OK – he’s only interested in your card!



He’s done it – Oscar has removed your card!



Freaky, eh? Go on – head back to the top and try again!

I thank you!