Cee Tee Jackson (Colin) was born in Glasgow, 1958. After completing High School, he kind of fell into a job with Bank of Scotland, in whose employ he remained for twenty-eight years. It wasn't a bad fall and in time he worked his way through Branch Banking from office junior to Manager. He was one of the cuddly, old-school Managers. You know - the type that were kept in the cupboard under the stairs. (That's for those in the UK of a certain age.) However, times change and two redundancies later, in 2007, he started his own small pet care

Naming The Bits BetweenNaming The Bits Between by Jessica M. Collette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I stumbled across this book from visiting the author’s blog, and having enjoyed Jessica’s poetry, decided to check out her book. Now, I have to say I’m a bit of a crusty old punk, and books that deal with sensitive issues such as grief wouldn’t normally attract me. But when I scanned through the positive, life-changing experiences undertaken by the main character, Eric, I noticed several that I could relate to – and would like to check out for myself, for that matter.

The more I read, I could see that this was a book more about life than death. It’s a very positive story, and delivered in a manner that is neither ‘preachy’ nor over sentimental. Sure, it has plenty touching moments, but there are also some lovely light moments.

The book is very well written and Jessica’s strengths are definitely in her descriptive writing. ‘Show, don’t tell’ is the mantra of all authors – and Jessica does this very well indeed, leaving the reader with a very clear image of the characters and happenings.

And the title? Yeah – it bugged me too. It makes sense now ….. though you’re going to have to read virtually all the way through until the penny drops and the phrase is actually used.

(Or maybe you’re a lot more intelligent than a crusty old punk.) ?