Sorry to have to Post This

Although I have traveled far and wide, I am never far from the Monongahela Valley. I am a second-generation American; the Old Countries are never far from me. The wood, and hills, rivers and “cricks” have given me an appreciation for nature.
    Believe me, we will all be more than happy to remove posts like this one we have regained the rights to our work and receive our royalties.

     The worst of it for me is that I am extremely pleased with Accents as a book of poetry. There have been good reviews and some good readings/signings. As things stand now, I do not know if I could purchase more copies. On hand I have approximately 60 copies. People can still buy them online, but I will not likely receive royalties. My advice is to buy anyway and post honest reviews. Things will sort themselves out.

     When I regain the rights, I will consider what to do with my book. Feel free to offer any suggestions you have. If you wish to sign the petition and circulate it, feel free to do so.