Not all Gorkas Are That Way

Although I have traveled far and wide, I am never far from the Monongahela Valley. I am a second-generation American; the Old Countries are never far from me. The wood, and hills, rivers and “cricks” have given me an appreciation for nature.

     Normally I am glad to see a fellow Hungarian-American do well. There was Joe Namath, Ernie Kovacs, and Mariska Hargitay, to name a few.

     Sebastian Gorka does not merit my praise. While I was not saddened to see that he has left the White House (an ongoing exodus it continues to be), he will still find places to voice his fascism and other beliefs. Yohe Isten (O Lord), as my grandfather would say.

     John Gorka has been an acclaimed singer/songwriter for some time, and had shown no fascist tendencies. Tonight I found this song and was enthralled by the fact that it is base dona sonnet that was  written by a poet from Western Pennsylvania. I could not find much info on Elma Dean, but please enjoy his performance of the song and her sonnet. It is a Shakespearean one.