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Although I have traveled far and wide, I am never far from the Monongahela Valley. I am a second-generation American; the Old Countries are never far from me. The wood, and hills, rivers and “cricks” have given me an appreciation for nature.

     My dear friend and fellow poet Alicia Salabert has done me the great honor of translating a poem of mine into Spanish.As many of you know, I love languages. I have near-native fluency in German, handle French well enough (reading-speaking-writing), Spanish less well (with a heavy New Mexican influence), and with lexical aids, do Latin, Koine Greek and Biblical Hebrew. 

     That being said, I consider Alicia's translation superb, and as good if not better than the original. I aimed for an economy of words, perhaps influenced by Bobrowski. I wanted to share her translation with you all. 

     Here is the Soundcloud link to my reading of the original: 



Si el silencio se extiende como las olas
Tu voz se hace eco en el cielo.

Si la noche cubre los cielos
Tu luz brilla desafiante.

Si el ocaso ilumina cada nube
Es el preludio del amanecer.

Arthur Turfa © 2017   
translated by Alicia Salabert

If silence spreads like the waves
Your voice echoes in the sky.

If night shrouds the skies
Your light shines in defiance.

If sunset streaks every cloud
It is sunrise's prelude.

Arthur Turfa ©2017