Attic Secrets

Sophie continued to ask around town about the previous owners of her house. She then found out that about fifty years ago, a woman that lived in her house vanished without a trace. What is even worse is that she was nine months pregnant! She was still missing, and the mystery was never solved. Sophie wanted to find out even more about the house after she heard that unsettling news.

Sophie was told that they searched and searched for the missing woman years ago. They dragged all the local ponds and questioned everyone in the neighborhood. Her husband had passed a lie detector test, so he was dropped as a suspect. A search party of over one hundred people searched nonstop for the missing woman during a twenty-four hour period. The police were dumbfounded by the lack of evidence. There were no clues and the case eventually became a cold case. Even though the husband passed a lie detector test, many people still believed that the husband was responsible for the disappearance of his wife. For the first year after his wife's disappearance, he was under scrutiny from the whole town every time he left his house and was seen out and about the town.

Many years later, the husband was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria in his hands. The doctor believed that he got it from working in his garden. His doctor treated him for the bacteria, but it continued to get worse. The flesh-eating bacteria spread throughout his entire body, and it was literally eating him alive! He had a major stroke and not too long after that, he had a massive heart attack and died.

Attic Secrets is a bone-chilling paranormal thriller and murder mystery all rolled into one haunting story. Monroe and Sophie Anderson move into an old, blood red, two-story house in the small historic town of Refugio, Texas, after Monroe retires. They begin to notice strange occurrences from the moment they move into the house. Sophie is a writer and begins researching the history of the house at the library. She also starts asking around town to try and find out what happened in this house years ago that would explain the haunting that they are experiencing. Sophie finds out that the house has many creepy secrets including a man with an evil spirit. An intriguing tale of murder and mystery will keep you guessing until the horrific and shocking twist at the end.
LaVonna Moore is a native Oklahoman born in 1960 at the Ft. Sill Army Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. With her father being in the military, she was able to do a lot of traveling as a child.