Agent Keys Steps Out

Now, at close to 70 miles an hour, Rian sees more red taillights in the distance. Closing fast on the traffic, Rian makes up his mind to blow by the vehicles ahead as fast as he can. The Pontiac jounces over another hump. Too late, Rian realizes the traffic is a line of military trucks that are waiting to turn on to Skaggs Island Road.

He yanks the wheel hard left, the Pontiac slews to the tall berm on the road’s edge, then rockets off the road, soaring out into San Pablo Bay. Crashing down nose first into the water, the impact sends Rian’s head smashing into the steering wheel. Bloody and disoriented, he frantically struggles against the Bay’s water pressure in a losing battle to get the door open.

Freezing water pours in from the smashed hidden compartments, quickly climbing up his body. Completely panicked, Rian pushes himself up to gulp a bubble of air. The black water swirls past his chin, cold darkness envelopes him. Screaming, he claws at the headliner to find another bubble.

Keys’ jeep screeches to a halt; he and Larry jump out to stand at edge of the road. They can hear Rian’s muffled scream as the car goes under water. The Pontiac’s lights glow eerily in the murky water before fading from view.

Larry stands by Keys in the cold rain watching the Bay’s water consume the Pontiac. “I got the license number, Keys.”

America is turning the tide in World War Two when Barry Keys storms out of his FBI boss’s San Francisco office leaving his badge and gun behind. It’s time for a new life but what he’s good at is chasing down bad guys. He and his wife, Mary, decide to open their own detective agency. Business is slow until Keys’ old FBI partner comes to him with a proposition. War materials are missing from Mare Island Shipyard and the commandant suspects black marketers. Keys worked with the shipyard commandant to solve a case of espionage before leaving the FBI. The commandant wants the black marketers shut down quickly and is adamant that Keys is the man to do it. The commandant orders the FBI to send Keys; his old boss agrees to put him on the case as a consultant. What none of them know is the black marketers are led by a fanatical provocateur intent on destroying the shipyard. Key’s investigation puts both his and his wife’s lives in grave danger.
Passion is a sustaining element in my life. Passion for living, for producing good work, and for expanding my abilities. After a forty-year career of professionally racing sports cars, writing became a passion. As an avid follower of American history and early auto racing, I have combined the two in my novels.