7 Assassins

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?”
“Why, my dear, you are.”

The knife is smooth and cold on both sides. The edge is jagged, and overall, it takes a lot more force than she originally suspected to stick it in just the right spot.
Angling the knife, her force is precise and heavy. Leaning over, it slides into his heart with ease. His initial grunts are cut off by the pillow her left hand holds over his face. Her right hand jams the knife in harder in an effort to stem any last noises or movements. He needs to die.
The pressure of his hand closing around her arm feels like a snake slithering and wrapping its body around her, but it gradually releases and drops to the bed.
“All hail the King,” she whispers.
The knife slides out with a few catches on muscle, skin, and cloth until it comes free with drips of blood clinging to its metal. Moonlight catches the beads of red and makes them sparkle.
Stealing from the room, she hides the knife in the folds of a towel. The same towel which allowed her to sneak the knife past several guards. None of them would suspect her of the deed she had just committed.
The games are about to begin.

The King is dead. Wren Snow knows who killed her father, but the police don't quite believe her theories as they search for the truth. To prove she's right, she hires Private Detective Ioan Hunter. Handsome and efficient, PD Hunter is ready to find the King's assassin, but he's beginning to have his doubts about the suspected culprit. Hoping he can clear the Princess's name and find the real murderer, PD Hunter begins some of his own inquiries. Ones which will shock everyone. Someone wants her dead. After the first assassination attempt, Wren knows time is running out to clear her name and catch the killer. She knows who it is, but will she be able to prove it? Will she be able to convict the culprit in time or die trying? What happens if the person you most want to believe you and in you is starting to have his doubts?
I started writing at the age of twelve, after deciding I could be the next Carolyn Keene, and was determined to make a career out of it.