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A Love Fulfilled

Laurence has always had a secret love for Jessica. He put their friendship before his own selfish desires. When Jessica moves in, his resolve slowly starts to fade away. The feelings he had buried deep rise to the surface and...
Author: Angela Parker

Bring Your MICCC-Money

This interactive book on money provides activities for young people to prepare themselves through work and volunteer experience, practice interviews and thank-yous, ask for letters of recommendation, create a budget, consider credit, and learn about the role of money in...
Author: Diamond Wilson

Brooklyn Boy

It is 1945 in Long Beach, New York, when three-year-old Brian Farley receives the scare of a lifetime. As little Brian bounces on his father's stomach in a second-floor bedroom of their summer house, his father suddenly loses his grip,...
Author: Jim Farrell

Dragon's Prize

“A simple vow for a complicated fate. Life and love proven through blood and flame. Choices changing destinies on a dime.”
Author: Maya Starling

Mystical Aria

In this first novel of the Mystical Aria series, fascinating human and alien characters entertain children, tweens, and young teens with their engaging personalities and how they respond to intergalactic encounters. Higher truths about love, prosperity, and infinity unfold as...

Gray (Awakening Book 1)

The moisture in the air condensed into droplets, then began to whirl. It danced for me, like the water wanted nothing more than to bring joy to me. I stared. It was me. The water had answered my call. I...
Author: Shannon Reber

The Sleeping Serpent

Setting aside her fear of the motorcycle, Luna embraced Nico, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist as if to prevent him from unraveling. When he pulled to a stop, she dismounted too quickly, and Nico caught the bike as...