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Destination Mars

In the next decade, NASA, by itself and in collaboration with the European Space Agency, is planning a minimum of four separate missions to Mars. Clearly, exciting times are ahead for Mars exploration. This is an insider’s look into the...
Author: Rod Pyle

Dragon Defense

Anxious, Shariel scrambled up the hill at a brisk pace.  Soon her muscles burned and her lungs ached.  Afraid to stop, she scolded herself for being lazy during winter. 

Pebbles skittered down from a high boulder and startled her into...

Author: Diane Rapp

Chief of Thieves

Lily sat on her horse looking intently south, up the valley. The mountains blocking their path to the west, endless prairies as far as the eye could see behind them. They had joined a large wagon train at Fort Laramie...

A Mother's Heart

Parenting is a challenging journey, especially when raising a child who requires extra attention. There are days when it feels as if you're trapped in a dark cave with no way out. The lonesomeness and helplessness exhaust you. You may...

That Moment When

We’ve gathered a handful of thrilling stories from all of your favorite genres and put them together into an epic anthology of young adult fiction. Some of them are just the beginning of a unique adventure, while others are complete...

Author: Angel Leya

Second Kingdom

Their only chance of survival is to kill the Beast King. Is he real or is he only a legend to blame their current unhappiness? No one has seen the beast in years, but his shadow still haunts their land....
Author: Rebecca Reddell

Love's Hidden View

When billionaire Virginia Ann "Peep" Holler dies, a battle for her estate begins. However, she leaves all of her wealth and Jodi’s Place – a popular Oklahoma ranch dedicated to helping wayward kids – to Abigail Brennan.
Author: Robert Valleau

7 Assassins

The King is dead. Wren Snow knows who killed her father, but the police don't quite believe her theories as they search for the truth. To prove she's right, she hires Private Detective Ioan Hunter. Handsome and efficient, PD Hunter...
Author: Rebecca Reddell