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Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict

AFRICA. Where corruption often rules and human life can be the most worthless commodity. Read the story of Sierra Leone and its people in this bloody, harrowing, and heart breaking suspense thriller.

Author: Ken Fry

Chamber of Music

A cruel smile graced her plump lips as she imagined Griffin’s reaction. She forced those thoughts away and focused on the first part of her plan.

If she was going to be able to pull this off, she would need...

Author: Emerald Delmara

And the Rest Is History

Did my heart love till now?
Forswear it, sight!
For I ne'er saw true beauty till tonight.
-Romeo and Juliet

Antony and Cleopatra, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Joe...

The Lost Rose of Winter

Two souls, united for a brief moment in war-torn western Europe during World War II, is more than a coincidence. Major Daniel Humphrey, a former high school teacher, is injured while on a reconnaissance mission for General Patton’s Third Army...

Author: Robert Valleau


Stashes is set in Michigan, where auto manufacturing and agriculture forged a reliable middle class. It’s Fall 2009, after unfortunate real estate practices gutted the American Dream.

The plot focuses on two couples: the traditional, yet spunky Jackie and her...

Author: PJ Colando

The Last Flight of the Phoenix

The war was over except for the crew of the T.S.S. Phoenix. Lost deep in enemy space, crippled, but not dead. The odds of survival were stacked against them, but they were still determined to fight their way back towards...

Bridgetown High

If Mark Wilkerson had to listen to any more of that morbid organ music, he was going to throw up. A migraine beat against his temples and tears rolled down his cheeks as he stood propped against his crutches, his...

Author: Paul W. West