Howard Wand

Howard Wand

Howard Wand is an American citizen with an extensive international background as a corporate executive. Born in Montreal Quebec Canada, he legally moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to complete his business management education and to fill his dreams of a successful life in America. He was the youngest District Manager and Regional Manager in a large international company. Holding several management positions in the US, he served abroad as an international General Manager in the computer industry. He served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a US International Manufacturer with products distributed worldwide.

Mr. Wand is ex-military and he and his corporation have served as a security consultant to the US State Department, The Salk Institute, J Paul Getty Estate (London), Melon Estate (Virginia), US International Embassies, and Secretaries of State, regarding high-tech security installations in the Middle East, Latin America, Canada, Europe and the US.

He has been a CEO for over 20 years with the corporations operating profitably and later sold successfully. In additional to his extensive business management education, he also has extensive hours of corporate management schooling. Howard has managed large staffs with responsibility for significant assets of major corporations. He has served on many non-profit boards, including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, School Board, and others, including the position of President and Board Chairman. Although time consuming, support of his communities was and still is an important role.

Howard began as a free-lance writer with a variety of articles for newspapers and his series of articles “A Moment in Time”. He is an accomplished songwriter writing both lyrics and music although he is not a musician. Many songs are available on his website.

His book in great part is based on personal experiences and interviews and exchanges with many involved in the content of the book. “One Rule” Simple Secrets to Success and Better Relationships was his first non-fiction book, and is available at Success and great relationships do not come easy, and through his book he hopes to share the secrets and lessons he learned. See more on his website at He is currently in the process of writing an action/adventure fiction book that he expects will be a series.

Howard Wand has been more than a “cut above” in his chosen fields. He has been an innovator, and has led more than he has followed.

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