A compelling true story about a young man who ventured on the wrong path despite a mother’s best efforts to keep him on the straight-and-narrow path. This honest collection of memoirs written by Charles Carpenter while in the confines of California’s notoriously violent state prison (New Folsom) depicts Mr. Carpenter’s early years and details what led to his membership with the faction of Crips known as “Tray-Five-Seven.”

The book explains how a young man became fixated on a life of crime and through a distorted perception, viewed the gang subculture as a normal way of life. The Charles Carpenter story is a brutally honest account of his experiences in various juvenile facilities during the 1980’s and the members of various gangs he met during his unfortunate stints of incarceration.

The brutally honest account of Charles Carpenter written while in the confines of California's maximum security prison-New Folsom. Handcuffed outlines gangs, drugs,love, and ultimately betrayal. The betrayal that ultimately led Charles Carpenter to commit the crime of second degree murder. A must read for everyone.
Author of the critically acclaimed autobiography Handcuffed. The book outlines Charles Carpenter upbringing and his subsequent membership to the faction of Crips (3-5-7) located in Pomona California. The book Handcuffed was penned while Mr.Carpenter was housed in California's maximum security prison-New Folsom. Handcuffed offers profound insight into the ramifications of witnessing domestic violence as a youth, and explore the gang subculture in an attempt to raise awareness for any struggling with destructive criminal behavior. Charles Carpenter's story is raw and full of emotion.

Mr. Carpenter has a very unique way of painting a picture with his words. He is detailed about the specifics of his upbringing and enviroment. He is very raw about his emotions and his decisions. It was a very quick read and yet it leaves a lasting impression. I believe this story is far from being over and he has much more to say. Worth reading for sure.

Mr. Carpenter takes you on his journey thew the "system" from a child threw adulthood showing you what gang life/drugs/and broken familys can put a man threw, a fast read or as I like to call it a 'page-turner.' I heard he's working on new material and look forward to reading more!