Eshelle Butler

Eshelle Butler

Eshelle Butler was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and has a BA in Marketing Communications and Journalism. She also has a background in music. In addition to being an Author, she is also a Poet, Screenwriter, and Blogger. Eshelle is divorced and has one child and currently resides in a small town outside of Chicago Illinois.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: May 31st, 2017
My parents took me to see the movie The Empire Strikes Back as a child and let's just say I haven't been the same since. Ever since that day, I felt compelled to create my own stories and developed a love for it. So I guess it was film that inspired me to want to write. I taught myself how to write screenplays when I was still in high school because I wanted write for the film industry. Somehow I wound up writing novels years later.
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