EH Demeter Interview

E.H. Demeter was born in Oregon City, Oregon, though she now makes her home in South Carolina, with her husband and two children, where she can be found to hate the heat and love the rain.

What inspired you to write?
My grandfather. For as long as I can remember, my Papa has told stories. I knew I wanted to tell stories too, just like my papa. When I got into school, and we began learning about writing, my passion grew. I knew even as a small child I wanted to be an author one day.

Was your inspiration sudden, or did it take time?
I think my inspiration has always been there, beneath the surface, just waiting for a way to express itself. I've always been a creative person. From art, to drama and theater, to singing in choir, to writing. I've always searched for an outlet for my creative spirit. But I think it's always been easier to express with the written word. So, I suppose in a way, it was all at once, and it took its time all at once.

Did you use an outline, or just write your story from start to finish?
I am a pantser through and through. I always struggle with outlines, because things don't come to me in a linear pattern. I like to liken my inspiration to light bulbs and fireworks. I wander around in the dark until suddenly, *click* *BANG* and it all makes sense.

Do you work alone, or get encouragement from family and friends?
Writing in and of itself is such an isolating thing. You have to be in a specific environment to encourage the words to roll, and it can be so terribly lonely. It's this very reason that I started a writing group on Facebook and surrounded myself with other writers, others who would understand their solitude and how terrible it can be.

So, while I have my moments where I am alone, I am constantly surrounded by a support system I wouldn't trade for the world.

What was the most difficult part of writing your book?
Writing it. And aside from writing it, starting it. First chapters are daunting. They're a pain in the tookus. I always struggle hardest with getting things started, but once I can get to about chapter five or so, I usually can soldier on fairly well.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of writing your book?
Watching the story develop. I always have a general idea of what is going to happen, but HOW it happens? How we actually get there? I don't even know that. My writing is very organic. The story shifts and grows as I write it, and most of the time I'm surprised at where it goes.

After the book was published, were you changed?
I was. I think whenever anyone achieves something they've long since dreamed for, they're going to be changed.

Have you received any awards for your book(s)?
Not yet, but I'm still hoping.

Are you working on a new book at the moment?
I am. I'm constantly writing a story in my head. I have numerous works in project going. At any given time I'm working on three to five projects, on top of admining my writing group, preparing works for anthologies, and my own home life.

Do you have any book giveaways, contests or events coming up?
I have my very first author event coming up in Columbia, SC in November! You can get tickets here:

What gets in the way of your creativity?
What doesn't? Life, stress, anxiety, depression, the fact that I'm a mother and a wife. Life seems to try to get in the way of what you -want- to do sometimes, but it's how you work through it, how you overcome it, that matters. I'm saying this to let others know, they're not alone. Mental illness effects SO many creatives, that I'm working hard to break the stigma and let them know, they're not alone, no matter how it feels.

What strategies do you use to deal with criticism?
It depends on the type of criticism I'm receiving. If it's constructive, I take what I can use and ignore the rest. If it's negative, well, man made wine for a reason. ;)

What is your favorite/worst childhood memory?
My favorite childhood memories are almost a blur of family, laughter, and overwhelming love. I didn't have a lot as a kid, and I know we struggled, but it's not the struggle I remember most, but more the love my parents gave us. That's what childhood should be about.

Do you have a favorite quote?
"I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of."
--Joss Whedon

"Courage, Dear heart."
-C.S. Lewis

What is your favorite show on TV?
My favorite TV show is Firefly.

Favorite movie?
Dirty Dancing. I adore Patrick Swayze.

Favorite book?
I do not have a single favorite, though I suppose if I were forced to chose just one, it would be To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Who would you want to meet if you could? Dead or alive.
Edgar Allen Poe. His life has always fascinated me, and his works got me through many dark times in my life.

Is there a talent you wish you had?
I wish I could play an instrument. I've always wanted to play the piano or the violin.

What’s something about you that would surprise us?
I'm a huge geek. I love video games, and Dungeons and Dragons, and role playing games, and board games. I'm a geek, haha.

Describe yourself in 3 words!
Sarcastic, loving, loyal