Daniel and Kate

“Daniel did wonder about how absolutely bizarre Kate always had been. As a child you simply accept whatever is presented to you as an obvious truth and for Kate to live in an abandoned house deep in the woods and to be wearing this bizarre full-cover outfit even during the heat of summer was something Daniel had simply accepted as part of who she was. She was just Kate being Kate. Now, as an adult, Daniel approached her with a sense of skepticism. Despite all these oddities of Kate, Daniel was glad that at least he had a friend that would believe him no matter how bizarre his story may be or how little evidence he had to support it other than his word and a small scratch that it had happened.

Instead of sitting, Kate paced back and forth nervously in front of Daniel as she forced him to recount every detail of the encounter in pristine detail. Once he got to his arm, she asked to see it and he obediently held it out for her to see that there was nothing to be seen and hence he had no proof. She peered at it through her sunglasses for a little bit before sadly saying “Daniel, with these glasses I can’t see anything of note. Now, I have no choice but to reveal to you what I have been wanting to tell you for a very long time. Well, if there is any consolation it is that at least I can be here for you now and you know me well enough that perhaps our relationship can survive this.” Kate stopped and took a deep breath and said “Perhaps, I can survive this.”

Kate stood in front of Daniel deep in thought. She nodded slowly. “Daniel, would you at least say we are friends?” Daniel nodded “Yes, definitely.” Kate continued “Daniel, I have known you since you were a little child. Now you are a grown man. Has my appearance changed any while you have known me?” Daniel shook his head. He had been wondering the same the night before but now wanted to give Kate the benefit of the doubt.  Daniel said “It’s hard to say though, Kate, I don’t really see much of you with the hat and glasses and such.” Kate smiled slightly “Yes, they were necessary for me but now they are no longer useful but instead are a hindrance.”

Daniel asked “What do you have to show me?” Kate nodded “A great deal. In fact, it is a bit scary but let me explain something to you first. These things have tagged you. Think like when natural scientists radio-tag an animal. Here they have tagged you in a way that you can’t see and can’t remove.” Kate crouched in front of Daniel and grabbed his hand with one of her gloved hands “Daniel. This is critical. They did this for a reason. They will come back for you. I have an idea as to what they want from you and, even though it doesn’t necessarily require you to die, once they have obtained what they want your life will mean nothing to them. If they get what they want, I shudder to think of the implications not just for you….”

Kate paused, swallowed hard and continued reluctantly “…but also for the galaxy.”

Daniel started to get nervous. Who the hell was Kate anyhow? Was she one of them?

Daniel started to pull away. Kate continued “You don’t believe me and that is fine. That is why I have to show you this. But, please do just two things for me. First, just keep telling yourself that this is Kate your friend and what you see of me does not change anything.” Daniel was perturbed but obedient “Ok, and what’s the second?” Kate raised back up to standing in front of him “Try your absolute best to not run away in terror.” She said.

Daniel was still confused but now curiosity was beginning to over-rule his hesitance. Daniel nodded and said “Ok, yes, you are Kate and we have been friends for a long time. I am not afraid of you.”

Kate looked a little relieved “Ok, just keep repeating that to yourself. I’ll do this slowly so as to not shock you too badly.”

Kate took off her hat. It would be hard to call what was on top of her head ‘hair’. It was flat black fronds looking more like seaweed than hair. As her hat was removed, Daniel noticed that the hair moved. At first he thought it was just floating up under static or something but then it stayed in the air and wiggled around.  Daniel gasped as he quickly understood the truth.

Kate was from really far away…

Daniel held up the thilihear, “I guess that explains this.” He said. Kate smiled “Yes, sorry I lied about NASA. I never worked for your space administration. I have, however, spent a great deal of time in space.”

"Daniel and Kate" is the first book of a trilogy series. Sequel include "Kate Greene of Earth" and "Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way." As a young boy, Daniel stumbles across a woman living alone in an abandoned old house between a field and a woods. He soon learns that this woman named Kate has amazing engineering skills and a past she doesn't like to discuss. As a young man, a threat looms large in Daniel's life which forces Kate to reveal the dark secrets of her past. Can Kate save the life of a man whom she still sometimes refers to as her 'enemy' but treats as a friend?
I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read