Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

We love telling stories at Lenka's List. Before submitting material, please take a look at the following guidelines:

  • The story is entirely your own original work, or you have the author’s permission to post it. See: Copyrighted Material.
  • The story has been placed in the correct category (such as Romance, Science Fiction, Family, etc.).

Prohibited Content

The following guidelines list content that is not allowed on Lenka's List. This is not an exhaustive list, and we reserve the right to not post any content that we deem inappropriate.

Sex on Lenka's List

The following sexual content is not allowed on Lenka's List:

  • Pornographic stories
  • Stories containing sexual content with persons under the age of 16
  • Stories encouraging or promoting non-consensual sex
  • Stories intended solely for sexual role play or messaging
  • Stories which encourage any other illegal sex acts, such as bestiality or necrophilia
  • Stories which contain wanton cruelty to animals


[Full copyright FAQ is here]

At Lenka's List, we know the effort it takes to create something, so helping you protect your rights is our top priority.

  • Posting the copyrighted works of others without their legal consent is strictly prohibited. This applies to all stories, images, and media.
  • Posting on behalf of an author and giving credit to them is still a violation of copyright. Consent is always required from the author.
  • Adaptations or slight alterations to a work, such as changing names, are a violation of copyright.
  • Any works posted in violation of these rights will be promptly removed and multiple violations may result in immediate account closure.

For more information on our Copyright Policy, please see our Terms of Use and our Copyright FAQ.