Stashes is set in Michigan, where auto manufacturing and agriculture forged a reliable middle class. It’s Fall 2009, after unfortunate real estate practices gutted the American Dream.

The plot focuses on two couples: the traditional, yet spunky Jackie and her...

Author: PJ Colando

Hashes & Bashes

Faith, family, and frenzy—handled with humor and aplomb by a group of lively characters who populate small town and rural America. Hashes & Bashes flirts with satire on contemporary social issues, clashes fraught with folly rather than fists.

Nine months...

Author: PJ Colando

Crimson Bayou

The next evening, Carissa stood outside and beat her flashlight against the palm of her hand. Really? Why did the batteries have to die now? She cursed under her breath and fished her phone out of her back pocket, second-guessing...

Author: Alizabeth Lynn

Single Rider

This is a story about a woman named Kenzie.
A woman who knows what she wants and likes things just the way they are, thank you very much.
This is also a story about a man named Max. Max can...

Dead Men Walking

The path was well worn, for they came in numbers.
To many, the journey had taken the form of almost religious homage. But for the majority, the subjugated, it was a feared and tortuous trek into the unknown.
Penance or...

Author: Cee Tee Jackson