Cee Tee Jackson

Cee Tee Jackson

Cee Tee Jackson (Colin) was born in Glasgow, 1958. After completing High School, he kind of fell into a job with Bank of Scotland, in whose employ he remained for twenty-eight years. It wasn't a bad fall and in time he worked his way through Branch Banking from office junior to Manager. He was one of the cuddly, old-school Managers. You know - the type that were kept in the cupboard under the stairs. (That's for those in the UK of a certain age.) However, times change and two redundancies later, in 2007, he started his own small pet care / dog walking business. 'Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee,' is is his first venture into the world of an author, although for many years he wrote for Artrocker Magazine in the UK.

The book is intended as a humorous reflection of his 'new' life as a dog walker. Cee Tee's main interests are in the field of sport, having played soccer, athletics, baseball and tennis to a competitive level. However, although he still does two / three circuit training sessions a week, he's discovering that old age doesn't come alone, and the accumulation of old injuries mean he now spends more time on his writing. A new (OK, first) novel - a comedic fantasy, 'Evhen & Uurth' - is on the way, and will hopefully be ready for publication in the summer of 2017. Cee Tee is settled in the rural environs of Renfrewshire, Scotland, with Diane, his wife of thirty-three years. They have two grown sons, two cats but perhaps surprisingly, no dogs - damp or otherwise.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: May 19th, 2017
There was no blinding flash of light, no epiphany moment as such. I have always enjoyed writing, be that school projects, internal memos at work and as Scottish correspondent for a national music magazine, Artrocker. (I stopped that a few years ago.) Probably what gave me confidence to tackle a light-hearted book, was the favorable comments I received for my Facebook posts.
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