CA Sole

CA Sole

Born in England, Colin was brought up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia). On leaving school, he was a member of the third party ever to climb the Credna glacier to reach Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit from the west. This was followed by a short spell studying for an electrical engineering degree back in England. However, musing about the behaviour of electrons and attempting to design a kettle cured him of any desire for a sedentary life.

Wondering what to do, he enjoyed spending time as a groom in Sussex before joining the army. He served in the UK, Kenya (Kilimanjaro again. Mt Kenya is a lovely climb and crossing the Diamond Glacier is not for the faint hearted), Uganda, Cyprus and Aden. Training to be a helicopter pilot followed, and he flew for the 10th Gurkha Rifles in Hong Kong and Malaysia (criticised by more senior and serious aviation officers for submitting flippant monthly reports!).Civil flying then followed in Nigeria (flat), Iran (lots of high mountains to climb there, plus three times up Demavand which is over 19000ft; that’s a boring slog, so why on earth …?), Abu Dhabi (flat) and South Africa.

On and off, Colin has spent 43 years living and working in 30 countries in Africa: North, South, East and West. His extensive flying experience earned in military, air ambulance, oil and gas support and other helicopter activities led to a subsequent career as an aviation safety consultant, which has taken him all over the world. From Siberia to South America, from Myanmar to North America, China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, he has travelled extensively. From full time aviation safety and part time writing, his life has switched to full time writing and part time with aviation.

Now back home in England for good, he shuns cities, walks the dog and concentrates on writing. Sadly, previous adventurous pastimes have had to be dropped, although trekking in remote regions is still a passion. There is far too much of the less trodden world left to see.