Panoptic Book Services

Panoptic Book Services is a three member team - Kim, Emerald, and Maya - that got its start circa 2012 as friends on Wattpad and have been actively working together with PSG Publishing to publish short story anthologies with themes to match different charities. Banding together brought a new level of support for the members, and they decided to expand into a business of their own. Panoptic Book Services was created in 2016. Teaming up just made sense. They began providing services for both traditional publishing and self-published authors. In 2016, Panoptic Book Services contracted with indie publisher Kace Tripp Publishing to offer their services to the company in addition to other contracts.

Service Offered
Services include: editing from simple to more in-depth work, advertising, swag and promotional designs, book formatting, and book cover designs of all styles. The team works together with the client to ensure customer satisfaction at all stages.

Amit Dey

My name is Amit Dey, and I am from Kolkata, India. I’ve been in the professional Publishing Industry since 2006 and know what it takes to create books that will bring you business! We convert any PDF, MS Word file, printed books, magazines, and other documents into e-book platforms, such as Kindle, iPad, Sony, iBookstore, Nook, Kobo, B&N, and more. This involves manual coding and creation of the all digital formats.

Service Offered

  • Kindle Formatting - mobi, .prc, and .azw for the Kindle
  • Ebook Formatting - .epub for iPad, Sony, B&N, Google, Nook Readers and Others Platforms
  • Book Formatting for Create Space, Ingram, Lightning Source
  • Fixed Layout eBook (Apple ePub and Kindle fire format)
  • Book Cover Design
  • Website Development
  • Wordpress Design

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DK Editorial

DK Editorial strives to provide excellent resources and services to the writing community. I launched my site this past year in hopes of it one day becoming a one stop resource for writers. I am continually adding new services and building my skills and connections in the writing community to improve my site. I have been blogging on various topics for the past 6 years. But fiction reading and writing is where my passion is.

I started reading and writing at four years old and I have been an avid reader ever since. I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on. In school and college I always received A’s in English and Literature. I realized I had an excellent eye for proofreading when self-publishing began to take off. I would constantly find mistakes that were missed and could have easily been caught by a different set of critical eyes. I realized as I was mentally correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling that I had found my niche.

However, my then full-time job took most of my time and energy. So, this past October I decided to dive in head first and launch my editorial business. I have already done proofing and editing work for Amazon Best selling authors, and I am always accepting new clients. I specialize in helping Indie authors who want their writing to shine as bright as the stars.

My business is based in Tennessee, but I serve the entire world. All work is done through internet, phone and Skype communication. Editing and proofreading is done through MS Word Track Changes. I have quick turnaround times and work at a 99% accuracy rating. I accept manuscripts in the following genres: all romance, mystery, suspense, sci-fi, young adult, historical fiction, and literary fiction. I do NOT accept paranormal or LGBT.

Service Offered
DK editorial offers a wide range of services for Indie authors.

I have consultation services for authors who need a little guidance or feedback to help develop or move their story along. This service can also be used if you are having writer’s block and need help brainstorming or if you need help with character development.

I offer manuscript critiques which are useful for assessing the current status of the manuscript. It helps identify the strengths and weakness of the manuscript and provides assistance in building onto what the author has already achieved in order to make an excellent book.

I do editing on multiple levels, including: developmental, line, and copy editing. I also offer final proofreading services. These services can be ordered individually or as a package deal. I have editing packages from novelette up to full-length novel. Rates for services start at .005 per word up to .02 per word if order individually. Packages have further discounted rates.

I offer formatting services for e-publishing. This is to make sure that your completed manuscript is properly laid out to be published for an e-reader. I do formatting for short stories up to full-length novels.

I do editorial reviews which are useful for authors who need or want to have reviews prior to publishing. These reviews can be posted on the point of sale sight at time of publishing and can be of great help to your book marketing. The editorial review consists of a final proofread to check for any remaining errors and proper formatting.

I have several different book promo options ranging from free to $50. My free promotions include listing the book on the Books To Read page on my website as well as posting a picture of the book and the book blurb with a link to purchase. I also offer a free author interview that will be posted once on my blog. My paid packages include the free promo in addition to multiple social media posts on multiple sites and accounts. Posts include book excerpts chosen by the author, links to buy the book, links to the author interview and/or bio, and links to any reviews I’ve done.


The Book Khaleesi

The Book Khaleesi helps authors publish high quality books the affordable way.
New author? No time? Don't know what to do? Visit us and let us know how we can help.
Founded and led by top rated freelancer, book designer, editor, indie author and book publicist, Eeva Lancaster, we've been helping authors with book design and marketing since 2014. We are experts in what we do, and we've made our services affordable to authors.

Let's make beautiful books... shall we?

Service Offered
We offer everything your book needs. From editing to marketing, and anything in between, you'll find help at The Book Khaleesi.


Rob Bignell

Inventing Reality Editing Service has one goal in mind: Ensuring your manuscript or document is the best it can be when presented to the public. My name is Rob Bignell. A long-time editor, I’m a published writer of fiction and nonfiction who has penned more than his share of academic papers. My service provides quick, thorough manuscript proofreading and editing for novels, nonfiction books, student papers and websites, as well as self-publishing services.

Service Offered
In a marketplace where your manuscript faces heavy competition, it needs a second eye to ensure success. To help you achieve your goals, I provide a variety of editing services, including proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing. My professional services are among the most writer-friendly you’ll find – and I’ll polish your manuscript until it shines bright!

Hire a professional, experienced editor to guide your book through the self-publishing process! I’ve self-published myself and have helped a number of other first-time authors through the confusing and sometimes baffling steps of getting a book printed. Going it alone can cost you many frustrating hours and a lot of unnecessary dollars diagnosing and correcting formatting problems. Take the worry out of the process by letting me handle it for you.