The Hatred
This incredible horror "The Hatred" directed by Michael G. Kehoe. Amazingly talented and incredibly creative. The Hatred is his latest baby, and it sure in hell needs to be seen.
20 Fun, Free Things to Do in Amsterdam
For good reason, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Drawn by Golden Age canals, 17th-century mansions, world-class museums, and a well-established counterculture, hordes of tourists descend on the
When Glints Collide Anthology
On Sale Now! Alien worlds and accidental time travel. Talking plants and nighttime showers. Ghost stories and bloody anklets. Body harvesting and post-apocalyptic wonderlands. Big bushy beards and sour dreams.
A Message From The King!
The very idea of mediocrity sends my creative endorphins into convulsions. Even when excellence remains elusive, the possible moves the needle on my fuel gauge. Gourmet Experiences Imagine being seated
THE BEACH ANALOGY; Life Savers on the Beach
It amazes me how these two totally different situations are relate and they both link to the importance of monitoring. I think about one of the staff members said they
The Ugly…
…is coming September 7, 2016, from Brooklyn Arts Press: A boulder-throwing mountain man from Siberia whose land is stolen by lawyers goes to Harvard Law School to learn how to
Shimoni the tip of Kenya- Slave Caves and an old English Bar in the Bush
The small town of Shimoni is featured in my second book African Treasure. William Brody is dropped off in this very small town on the southern tip of Kenya after
3 Ways I Would Change the World
Every night I watch the news with my family during dinner and I see all the bad things happening and wonder what I would do if I had the power
Bringing Maggie Home
Title: Bringing Maggie Home Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer Genre: Women’s Fiction, Christian, Mystery Publisher: Random House Rating: 4 stars Blurb: Decades of Loss, an Unsolved Mystery, and a Rift Spanning
Life as a Miracle: ATT to phone home
The Loma Pieta, CA earthquake occurred on this date at 5:04 p.m. I’d just begun two things I never do: 1. turn on the TV to watch baseball’s World Series,
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old...
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old school and trying to stave off distractions. #authorehdemeter #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #readersofinstagram #amwriting #lies #booktwo #therunetrilogy #paranormal #romance #amwritingparanormal
Promo and Giveaway: Come back to me by Kathy Coopmans
Author: Kathy Coopmans Narrators: Lacy Laurel & Logan McAllister Length: 7 hours and 30 minutes Publisher: Kathy Coopmans Released: Sep. 29, 2017 Genre: Romance Synopsis: From USA Today Bestselling Author
The Sunset Limited Also Rises / OCTOBER 2017
Yours Truly in a Swamp by Leonard Earl Johnson October 2017 * * * The Sunset Limited also Rises by Leonard Earl Johnson www.LEJ.org Subscribe@LEJ.org Sunset Limited at Sunrise Courtesy
I Am My Hat
A Short Story by Howard Feigenbaum I Am My Hat The meaning of appearance came to me one day in childhood. My mother allowed me to pick my clothes. A
The Accidental Writer
I guess if I had planned my assault on the mountainous terrain of the literary world, I would have ensured I had at least three books in a series either
All books now in print
I am happy to announce that now all J.S. Garner books are available in print as well as in e-book format. This is through Amazon print-on-demand service which creates a
A Gold Medal Award for THAT DEADLY SPACE
It’s a Gold Medal for That Deadly Space ! Heartfelt thanks to the Military Writers Society of America for their selection of my Civil War novel for their Gold Medal
Phoenix Zoo
We left Tucson and caught an early bus to Phoenix. Both Dan and I loved Tucson. It is physically so beautiful surrounded by gorgeous mountains – open and not crowded.
Blogging on Lenka's List - General Guidelines
Lenka's List is a ground breaking new directory for indie writers. As webmaster and co-founder, here are guidelines on how to syndicate your blogs. General Guidelines for Blogging Introducing Your
Thank You
For the past three years, I have had the honor of attending and being a part of five Advance the Light Dinners, which is put on by Christian Library International