20 Fun, Free Things to Do in Amsterdam
For good reason, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Drawn by Golden Age canals, 17th-century mansions, world-class museums, and a well-established counterculture, hordes of tourists descend on the
Book Review: Ghost Writer by Netta Newbound
​Natalie wanted to tell a scary story, but Ryan had a scary story to tell. ​Ghost Writer by Netta Newbound is a thrilling tale of murder, mystery, and betrayal. Would
A Conversation With Kevin Knebl
This Week on “Rick on Life” “Rick on Life”: www.facebook.com/TLBTV Sunday’s at 12:00 PM CST Keys To Remarkable Results Kevin is not only one of the most recommended speakers and
THE BEACH ANALOGY; Life Savers on the Beach
It amazes me how these two totally different situations are relate and they both link to the importance of monitoring. I think about one of the staff members said they
The Ugly…
…is coming September 7, 2016, from Brooklyn Arts Press: A boulder-throwing mountain man from Siberia whose land is stolen by lawyers goes to Harvard Law School to learn how to
Shimoni the tip of Kenya- Slave Caves and an old English Bar in the Bush
The small town of Shimoni is featured in my second book African Treasure. William Brody is dropped off in this very small town on the southern tip of Kenya after
Why Do We Need to Create Stories to Escape Life?
Hey there to all my readers and fellow Authors out there. It’s been a hell of a week and I am so glad it’s over. Have you ever felt the
“You remember that! You remember that!”
My husband and I enjoyed nostalgic outdoor concerts in the various Orange County, CA parks throughout the summer. One of the premiums of high density living is the abundance of
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old...
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old school and trying to stave off distractions. #authorehdemeter #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #readersofinstagram #amwriting #lies #booktwo #therunetrilogy #paranormal #romance #amwritingparanormal
Book Review: The Pirate from the Stars by Cheree Alsop
The Pirate from the Stars (Renegade #1) by Cheree Alsop Narrator: Erin C. Gray Series: Renegade #1 Published by Cheree Alshop , Cheree Alsop on 06-23-17 Length: 6 hrs and
House of the Rising Sun / August 2017
Yours Truly in a Swamp August 2017 House of the Rising Sun ~ Of Scholars, Brothels, and Drink ~ by Leonard Earl Johnson www.LEJ.org * * * L. A. Norma
I Am My Hat
A Short Story by Howard Feigenbaum I Am My Hat The meaning of appearance came to me one day in childhood. My mother allowed me to pick my clothes. A
Blogger's Dozen: Abbie Rutherford
Bloggers are the lifeblood of authors at my level, and without the selfless hard work of so many of them I doubt very much that my first book for Bloodhound
Tracking all books?
Jeesh, how many books is this guy going to write? I don't know how many, I'm going to write until it stops being fun. Typically, whenever I sit down to
Bravery, Tenacity, and Death at Bloody Lane
Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Maryland battlefield at Antietam (or Sharpsburg, to the Confederates) where, on September 17, 1862, the bloodiest single-day battle of the
Phoenix Zoo
We left Tucson and caught an early bus to Phoenix. Both Dan and I loved Tucson. It is physically so beautiful surrounded by gorgeous mountains – open and not crowded.
Blogging on Lenka's List - General Guidelines
Lenka's List is a ground breaking new directory for indie writers. As webmaster and co-founder, here are guidelines on how to syndicate your blogs. General Guidelines for Blogging Introducing Your
In my home church, all are welcomed. Sunday mornings the hospitality room is open and there have been times when the lost could be found, being fed by members of
My Bucket List of National Parks
Natural Beauty July was National Parks and Recreation Month and we were exhorted to “get our play on.” I don’t believe I got my play on, but I was inspired
This will freak you out!
Nothing to do with my writing …. but this is gonna seriously twist your melon, man. Meet Oscar. Oscar is going to show you some cards. Pick one of the