The Preacher's Son - Old Church Turned Into Stunning Restaurant

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The Preacher's Son is the newest hotspot in Bentonville when it comes to good food, cool vibes, underground bar and a rooftop bar all in one place. The executive chef, Matt Cooper, is actually a preacher's son and modified the oldest church in Bentonville (built in 1904) into a gorgeous bright establishment. We were very excited to dine at one of newest additions to this up-and-coming foodie town. 

Preachers Son

We didn't make a reservation and it since it was a Saturday, we had a feeling it would be really busy and our chances of getting a table would be slim-to-none. So, we got to the restaurant right at 5 PM and luckily, we were able to get a seat at the bar since all the tables on the main dining floor were reserved. Good thing we arrived early because the place was filled within 30 minutes. 

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When we walked in, we were blown away by the light beaming in through the art glass windows. We rarely dine at restaurants for dinner because they always make the lighting so dim to the point where you can barely read the menu. The Preacher's Son was just the opposite. There was tons of natural light coming in from the large windows and we couldn't be happier. I wish all restaurants would let in more natural light or turn up the lights a tad more during dinner hours. The entire atmosphere of this restaurant was amazing.

Preachers Son

Sitting at the bar ended up being perfect because we learned a little more about the restaurant from the friendly bartenders. When we were handed the menus, they told us that everything on the menu was gluten-free because the chef himself had to adhere to a gluten-free diet since he has celiac disease. We've come across restaurants where