My Top 5 "Quality" Travel Size Essentials from L'Occitane

Hi! We’re Candy and Crystal. We’re sisters who grew up as military brats and spent the first half of our lives in Japan. The majority of our family resides in Japan, but we ventured out and have spent the second half of our lives mainly in the United States. We both love traveling and have always documented our travels, so we decided it was time to share our travel experiences with the rest of the world.

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are 100% our own.

My obsession for travel size products began almost ten years ago. I used to have a job that flew me around to conferences two to three times a week and these frequent trips only called for a carry-on suitcase.

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One of the main problems I had with these recurrent weekly trips were the toiletries and skin care products I wanted to bring. I've always been particular about my toiletries and skincare products and many brands, at the time, didn't have my favorite products in travel sizes. 

So my solution was to either try and find a sample size on eBay or buy little empty containers and fill them with the products myself. This seemed like an easy solution, but it ended up being quite tedious. The bottles leaked, the original product packaging tore, finding a mini funnel was difficult, and I wasted some of the product due to spillage. With all these reasons and more, it was quite a pain making my own travel size products.


Yes, I could have just gone to the travel aisle of a major drugstore (i.e. CVS or Walgreens), but I never liked the quality of the brands that they carried or they didn't have what I wanted. I always felt like I was wasting my money on sub-par products. 

Over the years, many brands have started selling their products in travel sizes and L'Occitane has by far been my favorite. I no longer deal with the weekly flight schedule, but I still travel often with just my carry-on suitcase and these are my top five favorite essentials:  

1. Lavender Relaxing Roll-On ($10.50)


As much as I travel, I still get anxious when stepping foot onto an aircraft. Unfortunately, the older I