My Journey to Bali: The Best Female Solo Trip Experience

Hi! We’re Candy and Crystal. We’re sisters who grew up as military brats and spent the first half of our lives in Japan. The majority of our family resides in Japan, but we ventured out and have spent the second half of our lives mainly in the United States. We both love traveling and have always documented our travels, so we decided it was time to share our travel experiences with the rest of the world.

I had a series of bad events happen to me this year, including a breakup, and was having a difficult time dealing with everything. I was alone, depressed and heartbroken, so I needed to venture out somewhere and go on a solo trip to get myself out of this funk.

I started doing some research and looked into Europe at first. Croatia and Scotland has always been on mind, but I didn’t feel like it would be a good solo trip for me. I needed something more spiritual. Initially, I wasn’t thinking of Asia, but the more I looked into Bali, the more I felt like this was what I needed. I found a perfect yoga retreat and booked a trip with Soul Searchers at Soulshine Bali.

The journey to Bali literally took over 24 hours. I left from Florida on Thursday at 8:30am and arrived in Bali on Saturday at 12:00am. It was a long journey for sure, but I’m used to traveling to Japan for 16 hours, so it was just adding another 7 hours or so. I usually keep myself busy working, reading, watching movies and catching up on TV shows (thanks to Netflix!).


Arriving in a new country in the middle of the night was something different. Customs and baggage claim took nearly an hour, but luckily, it was easy finding my driver, Wayan, from Soulshine. He was a friendly young man that spoke good English and asked me to wait with one of the other girls who was also part of the retreat. I introduced myself to the beautiful woman standing behind him. Waad was from Detroit and originally going to travel to Bali solo herself, but her best friend from Jacksonville decided to come with her. We waited for two