Island Hopping Phi Phi Islands of Thailand

Hi! We’re Candy and Crystal. We’re sisters who grew up as military brats and spent the first half of our lives in Japan. The majority of our family resides in Japan, but we ventured out and have spent the second half of our lives mainly in the United States. We both love traveling and have always documented our travels, so we decided it was time to share our travel experiences with the rest of the world.

I thought the beaches of Florida and the Caribbean were beautiful but Phi Phi islands is on a whole another level. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and clear the water was at these islands. It’s one of those locations you see on the Travel Channel or National Geographic magazines. It was just unreal.

I always wanted to go to Phi Phi islands but never thought I would make it or it would be years down the line before I visited the place. I wasn't even planning on this trip happening this year but things changed when I visited Bali and met Ashley and Negin. We became fast friends at the yoga retreat and they invited me to come along with them to Thailand after the retreat ended. I was originally going to head back home to Florida but when they mentioned visiting Phi Phi islands, I changed my flight and was on my way to Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands www.thetravelpockets.comPhi Phi Islands

Phi Phi islands is not the easiest location to get to. You leave from Phuket and have to get to a specific dock where all the boats leave from. We stayed at the Amari Phuket hotel, which was in Patong, an hour from the Phuket airport, and it took about 40 minutes to the marina. Then, it takes another 45 minutes to get to Phi Phi islands. Luckily, we were on a speedboat, but if you take a ferry, it will take 2 hours. Although it’s a long journey, it’s definitely worth it.

Phi Phi Islands www.thetravelpockets.comPhi Phi Islands

Phi Phi islands is broken into several different islands. We did a boat tour with Andaman Leisure Phuket, which the hotel booked for us, that stopped at 5-6 different islands and I think it was the best way to go since we only had a day to explore the islands.