Hike Through a River at The Narrows, Zion National Park

Hi! We’re Candy and Crystal. We’re sisters who grew up as military brats and spent the first half of our lives in Japan. The majority of our family resides in Japan, but we ventured out and have spent the second half of our lives mainly in the United States. We both love traveling and have always documented our travels, so we decided it was time to share our travel experiences with the rest of the world.

Zion National Park is only a 2.5 hour drive from Las Vegas and since we were spending an extended weekend in sin city, we decided to add in some nature hikes to our girls’ weekend getaway.

We were planning on arriving at Zion National Park early around 9:30 AM but we didn’t arrive until 11 AM because we had no idea that Utah was in a different time zone and an hour ahead of Vegas. Something to note if you’re making the trip from Vegas like us.

We stopped by the Springdale Visitor Center to get some information and see what our options were for a day hike. The staff was very helpful and told us that the best option for us would be The Narrows, which would take about 4-5 hours for the full trip.

Zion National Park www.thetravelpockets.comZion National Park www.thetravelpockets.com

Since it was Labor Day weekend, the parking lots within Zion National Park were already at full capacity, so we had to park on the streets near the Springdale Visitor Center. From there, the Springdale shuttle bus takes you to Zion Outfitter where we had to get our hiking gear and transfer to the Zion Canyon shuttle bus.

Zion National Park www.thetravelpockets.comZion National Park www.thetravelpockets.comZion National Park www.thetravelpockets.com

Hiking The Narrows requires some special gear like water hiking shoes and a walking stick as you’ll be walking through the Virgin River. You can rent these from Zion Outfitters and the cost is $25. You can leave your regular shoes in a locker for an additional $5. Since it was a busy holiday weekend, they were already out of walking sticks but we didn’t think it was a big deal since we would be following a bunch of people in the river and could determine where the deep spots were by following them.

After we got our gear, we lined up for the shuttle bus