Finding Ourselves!

Rick has a vast array of work experience, from pulling tassels off of cornstalks as a kid, to authoring a book. Rick built a multi-million dollars insurance business where he honed his skills in recruiting, marketing, training, and developing talent.

I’m curious. And, being curious has worked out well for me. The world is often confusing and chaotic. Refusing to accept things at face value has the potential to empower us. Surface arguments, many times, doesn’t provide enough details to make an informed decision. Information is only part of what is needed to advance forward. Applying what we know is critical to limiting the government’s ability to govern without violating the citizenry.

I know of no government in the modern world that isn’t deserving of complaint. But, complaining is only an indication that something better exists. There are many ways of protesting, some more advantageous than others, but one of the most effective is accountability. Demanding office holders obey the legal documents they swore to uphold is mandatory for a free society to flourish.

It would appear many politicians today haven’t even read our founding documents. Even if they have it would be unusual for them to pass legislation based on those documents. Money has corrupted our system and until we get the money out of our political processes we will continue to print money out of thin air and our debt will continue to skyrocket.

“The creation of the American Republic with its written constitution and its guarantees of personal natural liberty is the greatest political accomplishment in the history of the western world. Unfortunately, almost from the beginning of the creation of the Republic those elected to preserve the constitution began to dismantle it. In virtually every administration from George Washington to George W. Bush, the government has sought ingenious ways to evade and avoid its obligations under our founding charter.” ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

Political Clout has become so self-serving that violating the people is so prevalent that many feel the government is too big to correct