Trolls II: Attack Of The Sock Puppets

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Is Mike Glyer of File 770 infamy and blogger Camestros Felapton one and the same?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I have reason to suspect they are and it may have been a case of self-outing that leads me to this conclusion.

Camestros – seeing Glyer taking it on the chin both here on my blog and on several others – attempted to charge to the rescue on his Twitter account. But in his haste to be the White Knight he may have unveiled himself as the court jester instead.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

Screenshot (35)

The key portion is in the lower tweet where he types:

“…is sending me e-mails asking me whether I’ve read his book.”

Only problem is: I’ve never e-mailed Camestros. Don’t even know his e-mail address. I have e-mailed Glyer a couple of times and asked if he ever got around to reading Escaping Infinity.

When called on it with a demand to provide even one of these “e-mails”, Camestros played the “typo card” and claimed he meant tweets:

Screenshot (40)


Yes, because I often type e-mails when I am discussing tweets I’ve been sent, don’t you?

But here’s the other fly in the ointment. Here’s the only two tweets I had sent to him that he could be referring to:

Screenshot (42)

Note the very first line? I wasn’t asking him a single thing about my book. I asked him to forward this ad to Glyer.

Here’s the other tweet:

Screenshot (41)

So there’s only ONE tweet where he could honestly say I was asking him anything and the fact I also tagged the SFWA makes it clear I wasn’t solely addressing him at all. So not only isn’t it e-mails (plural) it isn’t even tweets (plural) because he can barely claim half a