My Thoughts On The Dragons

Born in Turlock, California in 1964, Richard Paolinelli began his writing career as a freelance writer in 1984 in Odessa, TX and gained his first fiction credit serving as the lead writer for the first two issues of the Elite Comics sci-fi/fantasy series, Seadragon.

If you are a regular follower of my blog you’ve heard about the Dragon Awards. They started last year and I like to think I was one of the earlier supporters of it.


dragon_award-221x300What drew me to the Dragons was the fact that, unlike two other “major” sci-fi/fantasy awards, voting was wide open to anyone who is a fan of science fiction and fantasy in every facet of literature, cinema and gaming. Literally everyone on Planet Earth, all seven billion or so of us, if so inclined could nominate our favorites and then cast a vote from among the finalists.


This is not the case for the Nebulas, where nominating and voting is limited to the less than 2,000 total members of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. By the way, not every sci-fi/fantasy writer can join this organization even if they have earned real money as a sci-fi/fantasy writer, how’s that for an extremely exclusive and limited club. Nor is it the case for the Hugos, limited to the less than 9,000 people who paid, that’s right they bought their way into, nominating and voting for their award.


There is no way you can tell me that a total of 11,000 people represent an accurate portrayal of what the entire world of sci-fi/fantasy fans like. But the Dragons, open to everyone across the planet, certainly does. And they do so without the political intrigue that has infested both the Nebulas and Hugos over the past decade.


You’ve no doubt heard about the Justice Warriors/Rabid Puppies/Sad Puppies kerfuffle that sprung up between 2013 and 2016. I myself hadn’t until late 2015 and found the actions and conduct of the Justice Warriors (who had overrun both the Nebulas and Hugos) and the Rabids (who vowed