A Word On Literary Agents To New Authors

Born in Turlock, California in 1964, Richard Paolinelli began his writing career as a freelance writer in 1984 in Odessa, TX and gained his first fiction credit serving as the lead writer for the first two issues of the Elite Comics sci-fi/fantasy series, Seadragon.

If you are writing your first novel I want to share some advice with you. Whatever you do, once the manuscript has been polished to perfection:


Join writers groups and have them critique it. There are many very good editors out there and they are very affordable. They are also well worth it. Find one and have them work on your manuscript. Then, once it is in its final draft stage do not let an agent anywhere near it. I wouldn’t even let one of the old guard Big Five publishers anywhere near it either. They are the dinosaurs. A profitable future lies elsewhere.

So, what exactly am I supposed to do with it, oh wise Scribe, you may ask.

Publish it. Yourself. It is easy and it is free.

Go to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Createspace or any other platform out there that is set up for independent publishing. They are easy to navigate. As for covers for your book, cover artists abound and are very affordable. My cover for Escaping Infinity was done by an artist in Germany and cost me $40. It won an award in a book cover contest, in case you were wondering.

EI_DRAGON_COVER BADGESpeaking of Escaping Infinity, if I had tried to go traditional with it (and I had an agent at the time I finished it) it would never have been published. It broke too many rules and didn’t adhere to a political agenda that has poisoned traditionally publishing.

So I fired my agent, reacquired the rights to my previous novels, started my own publishing label and published it myself. All it has managed to do is earn nominations for a Nebula, was a finalist for Best Sci-Fi Novel at the 2017 Dragon Awards (the