My Sisters Intended by E.L Montague

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Summary by Goodreads:
The most sought after bachelor in all of Scotland, the life of any given party, that's what they named James Mountbatten. He was the toast of high society and the man every mother yearned to see on their doorstep, asking to see their fine daughter. He knew there was something more to life than petty women who couldn't see past his fine physique, and he intended to find it; that is, until his father decided he had spent enough time unmarried and forged an alliance with the rich lords and ladies of Bexley by promising him in marriage to the eldest daughter who would certainly match James in good looks and fine tastes. As far as James was concerned, Lady Sophie of Bexley could take a long walk off a short pier, but his father's word was law, and so to England he must go to meet his future bride. Can he go through with a marriage when his heart yearns for another?

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