Nemeton: The Trial of Calas by Christopher Lee

Nicholas Adams grew up in the small, rural town of Boring, OR with his six brothers and sisters. After graduating from High School in Gresham, OR he attended BYU-ID and received his Associates Degree in Pre-Med.chitects (AIA).

​An imaginative and expansive world that unfortunately couldn't hold my attention.

​Nemeton: The Trial of Calas is a story, about which, I could tell the author cares deeply. 
​Though after being introduced to several characters, one per chapter, I didn't feel like I had a grasp on the identity of the protagonist, the antagonist or the central conflict. After reading 22% of the novel, I didn't feel enough emotional investment in the characters or plot to continue. 

​What I liked:

​The author uses lovely details to describe the characters and their world. His prose and word choices demonstrate an evident passion for the genre.

What I didn't like:

​The novel is in what I assume to be a 3rd-person omniscient point of view. The narrative voice describes and tells what each of the characters is thinking and feeling, with little "showing." Additionally, there are several sections of "info-dumping" that either had me going back to compare with previously stated information or skimming altogether.
​The novel needs the eye of an objective editor to help strengthen the novel's structure. I speak from personal experience as a new, self-published, author myself.

In the end, I had to put it down and move on to the next book in my pile. I gave Nemeton: The Trial of Calas two stars and wish Mr. Lee all the best in his future as a writer.

Nicholas Adams

Just a small-town boy with an overactive imagination.