OUR JOURNAL: Lessons, Love, & Fighting This Bastard Called Lung Cancer! Session 2-Immunotherapy (January 23-February 12)

Award Winning Author Michael Hoard grew up in Southern Louisiana where he attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana (Currently University of Louisiana at Lafayette) for two years as an Art Major. A 9 to 5 career in an office was completely forgotten when he got that first summer job working the back deck of a seismic survey boat on the Gulf of Mexico. He has remained in the oilfield and on the Gulf his entire adult life.



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Saints GameOn one of our 1st dates! When the Saints were running out of the tunnel, fireworks forming a path for them to follow onto the field, I looked over to Kathy and saw tears running down her cheeks. Competing with the awesome sounds of screaming fans, I asked her what was wrong. Her reply was, “That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” That’s the moment I fell in love with this woman.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – Session 2 of Immunotherapy.

We wake up in our room at Extended Stay America – a room found for us, and discounted, by The American Cancer Society. It’ll be our last stay here. We are both already stressed, but when you add the crummy service and rainy, humid weather that has found a way to creep into our room, neither of us ever want to step foot inside this place again. Kathy agrees with my statement that