Trying to Fix Yourself

I grew up in Newark, NJ and was one of six children. I have been married for twenty four years. I own a home and I have two children. I have been at the same job for twenty seven years. I am the happiest I have ever been and it is all because of the Love that has always been in my life. I attribute all that has happened to me to that Love. None of what has transpired in the last five years of my life has anything to do with any accomplishments on my part.

A mind that doesn’t love can’t fix itself with self help methods. Only through the quietness of the heart can one be set free from the bondage of self that holds the mind in captivity to trying to fix itself.

A do it your self help mentality to a better life is like having an atlas of maps for a different trip then what is being planned. The atlas in hand has its purpose, but its usefulness is limited as it will never get you to your destination. Its not that there isn’t value in the atlas, but it becomes useless if you’re not traveling to where the maps in the atlas are pointing to. Do not many of the self help methods produce these same useless results? We are constantly trying to arrange life, thinking we can fix ourselves by trying to fill an inner void with all kinds of things (maps) from the outside, and regardless of the fix, the void never gets filled. This is not some theory I made up, it’s factual and this is what happened to me. Just look around and see how the world is full of people doing this same exact thing (reaching) and if you’re honest with yourself you’re probably doing it too.

Think of this, the mind that creates the need for self help is the same mind that’s going to be used to fix it. Is this plausible? If this mind didn’t create problems to begin with, the need for self help wouldn’t be required. It’s like changing a flat tire and putting the same flat tire back on and expecting it to be repaired. Something that’s broke cannot be used to repair itself. It would take a miracle for this to happen, if one wants to rely on