Are You Puzzled By How Goodreads Wants You to Post Reviews?

Marylee MacDonald is the author of MONTPELIER TOMORROW, a novel about caregiving and ALS. Her short story collection, BONDS OF LOVE & BLOOD, was a finalist in the Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Awards. Her fiction has won Gold and Silver Medals from Readers' Favorites International Book Awards, the Barry Hannah Prize, the Ron Rash Award, and many others.
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Goodreads is a puzzle. Readers who haven’t gone on the site before find it hard to post reviews. Learn how to help your readers help you.
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Most people can figure out how to post reviews on Amazon, but if you’re an author, you also want your readers to post reviews to Goodreads. When I’ve asked folks to do that, I’ve been surprised by the number who said they couldn’t figure out where to click or how to save.

Here’s a link to a Word document that walks first-timers through the process. If you’re an author, download the document, edit it to your liking, put your name on it, and claim it as your own. Send it to your “street team” and anyone who agrees to post reviews on Goodreads. If you’re selling at book fairs, tuck an abbreviated version into the book.

To Post Reviews You Must First Sign Up

Goodreads is the largest book club on the planet. It’s the very best way I know for avid readers to discover books from other countries and to make new, book-loving friends. Of course, if you’re an author, you’ll want to give people who agree to review your book specific instructions about how to post reviews. (Goodreads has basic instructions on their help page.)

Goodreads will ask if you want to import your friends from other social media sites, such as Facebook, and if you do, that will give you insight into the books they’re reading and that you might also want to discover.

Of course, every writer I know would deeply appreciate you posting a review. If you’re not already a member, go here to join. ( As you read books, you can share a favorite passage or