Mannethorn's Key (The Key of Life Book 1)  By Simon Lindley

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Author Simon Lindley introduces us to his exciting new book Mannethorn’s Key:
"At the end of an age, a Bearer wielded the Key of Life and ended Dragon's Rule. Such powers and heroes, long dead or lost, must again be found..."

Algarth Willowbrow is about to gamble everything. His once-powerful Order is in ruins, and he faces an unwinnable battle to save his life and people. In a last, desperate attempt, he lures his arch nemesis, hoping to utilize him and reclaim a long-hidden magic, powerful enough to save the world - or destroy it.

Bartholomew Waxman, former derivatives broker extraordinaire has gambled everything - and lost. Bankrupt, unemployed and divorced, his only hope for salvation is to try and rebuild his self-inflicted shattered life. But at a job interview, he is grabbed by a spell and thrust into the netherworld of Between. There, he is groomed to wield a power so vast that it will decide a world's fate.

The land's only hope is the reluctant and unprepared Bartholomew, the wizard Algarth whose powers are gravely in doubt - and the Key of Life, with its true power hidden from all.

Delve into the beginnings of a vast fantasy epic that embraces a man, a wizard, and a world seeking redemption.

This is a stunning story! This is first class world building! Both the modern and fantasy side are very detailed and kept me completely enthralled throughout the story! Everything seems natural in its context, Bart applies for a job, people get tired; wizards make spells, some of which go awry, and dragons seem to know everything while gently guiding humans most of the time.
I made the mistake of bringing the book with me while watching the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, intending on reading during