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I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

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This book began as a somewhat playful sequel to "The Legend of Layla." In The Legend of Layla, we are introduced to a uniquely life-like and realistic vampire, one whose powers are explained biochemically and who lives in modern-day Indianapolis. Everyone else in the book is fully human and the 'villan' comes simply in the form of mercenaries working for a greedy corporation. Layla is kept extra-ordinarily realistic. All of the places mentioned in the book are actual locations in Indianapolis, Layla, herself, is a prostitute who contracted the disease from a customer in a very non-magical way. Layla's quotes such as "I'm just a woman with a disease" and "I don't want to eat blood, I want to eat a taco, but blood is the only thing I don't vomit back up" make it clear that no magic is at play. She is not dead, she does not explode in sunlight (or sparkle), there is no 'darkness' or satanic powers at play.  It is not a demonic gift, it is not an ancient curse, vampirism is presented as little more than some mutant form of hepatitis throughout the whole book.
A blaring question left unanswered in "The Legend of Layla" is "Where did this disease come from?" 
With such a banal vampire there could only be one answer....
.... vampyrism was invented by woodland fairies as a biological weapon to wipe out mankind. 
I mean... of course... Why not?
Yeah, that was kind-of out from left-field for me too. 
Truth is, as an author, most of the time I feel like I'm just watching the story and taking dictation from the characters. I went with it.