Witch of Stroma: Free download until April 26th

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

The Witch of Stroma (mybook.to/witchofstroma) check it out for free until April 26th.

The concept for the Witch of Stroma began with taking a typical fairy-tale trope (brave knight rescues beautiful princess from evil step-queen) and playing a bit of musical chairs with attributes and positions until it becomes the brave step-queen saving the handsome knight from the evil princess. It was interesting how well the typical fairy-tale format falls into this with only a few modifications. For instance, instead of the princess being locked up in a tower to protect her from everyone else, she is locked up in a tower to protect everyone else from her.

In keeping with 'breaking the mold,' the time and place are not the standard 'A long time ago in a kingdom far, far away' it is set in a very specific geographical location (Stroma, a real island located just off the northern coast of Scotland) at a specific time (13th century). The island was not chosen at random. It was chosen specifically because it is remote and has the unique feature of an abandoned 'tower' castle, the castle Mestag, which features prominently in the story-line.


As much as possible, I tried to keep the story-line time-relevant. There are no kilts (those didn't really come into vogue until later) The tracing of William's pseudo-royalty is kept fairly accurate (At this point in time, this part of Scotland had recently 'bribed' their freedom from Norway) although William himself is a fictional character. There also isn't really any whiskey (again, invented later) but mead or wine is the drink of choice. The Firth between Caithness and Stroma is even more perilous than what is depicted in the book. In truth, Stroma today now lays abandoned, not because of a specific natural disaster,