Villains... in love?

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Early on, I decided that I was going to do things a bit differently in my works. Starting with villains.  In most stories, ranging from cartoons to epics, villains are always these flat, boring creatures that prove to be little more than elemental forces with no thoughts or emotions.  I like to make villains a little differently. Here's a few examples:


Sarah and Legion: (
Legion, from the Bible, is cast out of a man by Jesus into a herd of pigs that drown in the sea. That's where Legion's Biblical story ends. This fictional story-line picks up in modern day. In this story-line Legion is spread by being 'eaten,' somewhat like demonic food poisoning. Legion has been living in the ocean possessing fish and sharks as they eat one another up until he gets a chance to finally get his feet back onto dry land in the form of a woman, named Carol, that he coerced into eating a piece off a possessed shark. Soon after taking possession of Carol, Legion finds out that she is even more evil than he is. She simply lacked the power to truly live-out her wicked ambitions and demented desires. They quickly transition from a demon possessing a helpless victim to equal partners in the task of seeking to kill Sarah. Along with this transition, a blossom of love is planted between them and Legion pledges to bring Carol's soul into the 'good parts' of hell after her death so that they could be together forever. This promise is something Carol cherishes as she grows to love Legion as well. He proceeds to go so far as to take her out on dates (by possessing the body of a man knocked comatose) during lulls in chasing Sarah. It was fun to write