The Gospel of Lizzie Free Download weekend

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
The Gospel of Lizzie ( is available for free download until July 5th. Don't let the title fool you, it is a hard-action thriller. The story focuses on Lauren Bellator, a stubborn teenage girl, and her decision to plunge headlong straight into the war between heaven-and-hell. 'Lizzie' in the story is a little girl who is the offspring between a human man and his demonic ex-wife. Since the difference between demons and angels is only the choices they have made in their lives, Lizzie still has the potential to be good. 
The snippet below is from early in the story shortly after Soul-Eater ends with Luke's ill-fated arrest. Luke is being questioned by IMPD detective Jerome while Lauren Bellator watches from behind a 2-way mirror. Please check it out.
Detective Jerome continued with a wry smile “Oh, you have absolutely nothing to add whatsoever?” Luke shrugged. Jerome reached across the table and grabbed Luke’s left hand “So, how about you tell me about this satanic symbol on your hand?” Luke pulled his hand back and said “It’s not from those guys you arrested. It’s just an old tattoo.” Jerome furrowed his brow and replied “Huh, an old tattoo? That’s interesting.” Jerome stood up and turned towards the TV screen. Jerome said “Well, Luke, since you don’t want to tell me anything, perhaps I can tell you something. It’s a bit of good news.” Jerome then turned around and looked at Luke menacingly as he said “We found your wife, Caroline.”


The video played and Jerome continued “You know who hallucinates, Luke? People hallucinate. You know what doesn’t hallucinate? Body-mounted cameras don’t hallucinate. Body mounted cameras like the one Officer Mark Darrah of the SWAT team wore when he raided the drug lab at that