Mackenzie: An Assassin's Tale now in print

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
My very first novel, Mackenzie: An Assassin's Tale, is now available in print.

The snippet below is from a transitional moment when Mackenzie starts to realize that her work as an assassin is taking away from her humanity.

I don’t feel like I can say who I am anymore after what has happened.  I tracked down Wally, our target drug-lord. I watched him. I followed him from a distance dressed as a boy.  Neither him nor any of his goons noticed me. The following was clean. I had my sniper rifle (in conveniently hide-able pieces) in Dora.  Shelley said to do it from a distance and get the hell out of there without being seen. I could sense Cinderella was tailing me. Not like I’ve noticed him but I know my Aunt and he’s tailed me before so it’s logical to assume that he was not too far from me wherever I went.  As I tailed Wally for a few days it seemed impossible to ever get the guy alone. This was agony. It was days of living on the street for me as a homeless boy.  Wally always had muscle around him whenever he was out. One night, though, in addition to his typical muscle he suddenly had a girl with him. She was some scrawny, slutty looking chick with lots of tatoo’s and piercings.

It’s too bad.

She hadn’t done anything wrong technically but it was my only chance and afterwards she would know too much.

She was good for me.

Wally clearly wasn’t thinking straight when she was around. They went to an upstairs apartment, with the lights on and shades open. I could tell that now was my chance. With Dora on, I slipped in the alley between the buildings, jumped from a dumpster