Legend of Layla free weekend...

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Check out "The Legend of Layla" (http://mybook.to/LegendofLayla) available as a free download this weekend.

The often-played character of the apathetic, distant, blood-thirsty vampire is completely ignored in this modern take on am old story. Layla, a drug-addicted prostitute living in modern-day Indianapolis, has a life changing encounter when one of her "clients" invites her to share blood with him. The first symptom she notices of her newfound disease is that cocaine no longer gives her the high she craves anymore. From there, her life changes radically as more symptoms present themselves forcing her to seek out help and yet avoid rising suspicions of law enforcement. She finds this help in the form of Miranda, a graduate student at IUMed. As Miranda investigates Layla's disease further, the danger grows as it comes clear that someone is chasing after Layla. Someone who has great interest in weaponizing Layla's mysterious disease.