Kate Greene of Earth free download this weekend...

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Kate Greene of Earth is available as a free download this weekend (myBook.to/KateGreene) This sequel to "Daniel and Kate" primarily focuses on acceptance as Kate struggles to find her place on Earth. The last planet she ever expected to live on. Overall, this is a bit more of a light-hearted book with quite a bit of humor throughout it. In the snippet below, Daniel and Kate reveal her true identity to a select gathering of their closest friends.
Kate chuckled slightly, heads turned back and forth in confusion so Kate obediently took off her glasses, set then quietly on the coffee table, and said “I’m not from around here...” She proceeded to blink at the group with two shiny black eyes where normal human eyes should be plus three smaller shiny black eyes above them on each side of her face where normal humans only have eyebrows.

imageGasps filled the room.


Kate continued “Actually, there is more to me than what I have shown Bill.” In the back, Bill’s wife, Shirley, slapped her husband for not having told her that their friend Kate was an alien. While Bill laughed at the relief of not having to withhold the greatest secret of his life any longer. A sense of relief and excitement filled Bill as he knew that his curiosity would soon be satisfied.


Kate took off the coat to reveal all four arms as well as the hat to reveal her photosynthetic ribbon-like hair. She kept her pants on to protect the archegonia and Daniel’s flower. Kate was a proper Boagian woman and the sight of those parts were for Daniel and for Daniel alone. The deafening sound of stunned silence filled the room as Kate stood there fully revealed. Daniel knew