Gospel of Tempter Free 5/27-5/31

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Gospel of Tempter (mybook.to/gospeloftempter) is available for a free download until May 31st.

For clarity, I am Christian (United Methodist). For portions of this book, I had the Bible sitting out next to my computer, so I could follow along with the biblical story-line. It is, however, a fictional piece which follows a 'What if?" type story-line wrapped around the classical biblical story.

This book really sprung from several of my own theological questions about the war between Heaven and Hell. Those being:
1. If God is all powerful, and they are enemies, Why doesn't God just kill Satan?
2. What started the war between God and Lucifer? (what was Lucifer hoping to attain in his power-grab).
3. If it was so wicked to eat, Why was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil put in the garden in the first place? That's tantamount to leaving a loaded pistol in a toddler's playroom.
4. In some cases, Demon's want to kill humans, in other cases Demons want to tempt humans with desires. Why?
5. If Satan hates God because of a long-ago fight, why does he also hate us? Why attack humans instead of just attacking God/Angels directly?
6. If God's plan is perfect, how can it fail? How can humans fail God if God made humans to be what he wanted them to be?

In the Gospel of the Tempter I probe into these questions with a story-line which seeks to answer a few of them, albeit fictionally. For example, the Four archangels were made first and each one represented an element of God's being (Michael - Strength, Lucifer - wisdom, Gabriel - love, Joy - happiness/contentment).  After them came several thousand lesser angels and they worked together to create the universe and the Earth. All's good