Gospel of Lizzie: Snippet

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Gospel of Lizzie is free this weekend. Don't let the title fool you, it is an action-packed and dark thriller. myBook.to/gospeloflizzie

Snippet below:

The video played and Jerome continued “You know who hallucinates, Luke? People hallucinate. You know what doesn’t hallucinate? Body-mounted cameras don’t hallucinate. Body mounted cameras like the one Officer Mark Darrah of the SWAT team wore when he raided the drug lab at that Urbex place.”


Jerome played the video through the initial sweep of the drug-lab. I watched Luke intensely, but all I could see in his face was bewilderment. He did not even give the impression of any familiarity with the film at all. Jerome paused the tape right as Mark turned the corner. Right before Himlaela’s reveal. He turned to Luke and said “We all thought Mark accidentally breathed in some of the Flakka. We all thought we were high from the Flakka and seeing stuff. Let me ask you, Mr. Danielson, do you feel pretty healthy right now? Do you feel like you are hallucinating?” Luke shook his head as he stared at the screen. He replied “No, I feel physically healthy right now other than this pain in my wrists.” I groaned.


I whispered bitterly to myself “Tiffany is gone and this bastard is complaining about a pain in his wrists! Maybe he should try getting his arms pulled against their sockets by his beloved demon-bitch for a while so he can learn the true definition of pain!”




Jerome leered back. Despite his attempts at acting tough, I noticed Jerome’s hands were trembling. Jerome’s face held a harsh, gaunt, and tight look over his intense eyes. Jerome replied “I feel pretty healthy too, Mr. Danielson. So let’s watch just a little more of Mr.