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I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

The Great Bob StansburyBob Stansbury's relatively straightforward contracting job at the Langalis Mansion hits a snag when he stumbles across a portal to an alternate world where magic is real and humans are not the top of the food-chain. To save their own lives, the terrified citizens pay Bob as tribute to the beautiful yet lethal ogresss Ihana who opts to keep him alive for a short while so her 'meat' can stay fresh. As he lives with her, however, Bob learns to appreciate the woman inside the monster that is Ihana. Can their relationship ever be anything but predator-prey? Or is this the end of Bob as we know it?

The Witch of StromaWilliam Brodie’s quest for the marriage of Baron Chuthak’s daughter hits a snag when the girl of his desire turns out to be a maniacal cannibal with a particular ‘taste’ for men. William soon finds himself forced to turn to the ominous Baroness, a mysterious woman who possess incredible skills in magic, for his own protection. He soon learns that not all is as it seems. https://www.amazon.com/Witch-Stroma-J-S-Garner-ebook/dp/B01EEN70WO

The Legend of LaylaLayla's life as a street-walking prostitute and petty drug-dealer hits a snag when she becomes infected by a mysterious disease that radically increases her strength and stops her from aging. This comes with a price, however, as Layla can no longer eat normal food or get high on drugs like she used too. Layla turns to Miranda Leben, a graduate student, to help unravel the mystery behind her disease in hopes of finding a cure. Sinister forces soon stalk them both and Miranda goes missing, forcing Layla to reluctantly take on the role of rescuer alongside a cross-dressing assassin named Angel. Can Layla learn how to use her powers in rescuing Miranda, or will people