Blogging on Lenka's List - General Guidelines

Lenka's List is at the forefront of seeking out new talent as well as proven performers in all genres.

Lenka's List is a ground breaking new directory for indie writers. As webmaster and co-founder, here are guidelines on how to syndicate your blogs.

General Guidelines for Blogging

Introducing Your Article

The most important part of a blog is the first paragraph. Here is where you introduce your topic. Avoid putting images at the beginning of the article, because on Lenka's List, that markup will be stripped out of our excerpt for your article on our home page. Depending on your blogging platform, there are several ways to feature images in your blog. In a future article, I will cover the major blog providers and how images are dealt with.

The Body of Your Article

Try to get at least 300 words into your article. Here is where you can put one or two images, and a few links to other blogs or resources that contribute to your topic. Very long blogs are discouraged, unless your topic is complex and needs a lot of background. In that case, consider breaking up the topic into a multi-part series to increase interest.John Graffio - Lenkas List Blogging Guidelines

It's important to create your own content, even if you syndicate from another blog. Introduce a syndicated article with a 100 word introduction. If you can't summarize what you are re-syndicating, your audience will have no  reason to click on the link to the other blog. Blog articles with only one sentence or only a link to another syndicated article will not be syndicated on Lenka's List.

Ending Your Article

Here is where you can list links to important resources that you referred to in the body of your blog. It would be good to use an HTML table (as I demonstrate below) to give the reader a good idea what the links are for in a nice format.