Fiction or fact? You decide.

J.J.Overton is from Coventry, in England’s industrial West Midlands. He served an apprenticeship as a precision toolmaker, studied mechanical engineering, and is a Freeman of the City of Coventry. He was a director of Grey and Rushton Precision Tools, and subsequently was involved with quality control at Alfred Herbert Machine Tools, Massey Ferguson and Courtaulds Structural Composites.
Here's an interesting thought. It relates to what someone very close to me said years ago. At the time I shrugged the comment off out of hand, and now, I realise, rather arrogantly.
Let me explain . . .

'You know, whatever humans can imagine will eventually become reality,' he stated.
'Do you think so? Everything has to take place within the bounds of physical laws,' I answered.
He was quiet, leaving me to work out my own understanding of what he had said.

Now, I am onside with him. but to my regret, I cannot continue the conversation, because the person I speak about is dead,
But moving on; yes, as I said to him, and he would have agreed with this, all things in creation have to take place within the bounds of physical laws, but the point is that those boundaries are in a continual state of flux. Our fanciful imaginings have a habit of becoming reality. The more awareness we have of the physical universe we are part of, the stranger the reality becomes. In the light of what cutting-edge science reveals on the horizon of knowledge, the future takes on wonderful possibilities.

Consider the information in the following link as an example. It relates to the Quantum, and entanglement of separate particles, which theory the physicist Einstein considered 'Spooky'. Quantum teleportation of complex light patterns has been achieved for the first time.
You did read that correctly . . . Teleportation, at the quantum level, has been achieved for the first time!

Here's the link.

Following on from this, and the opening gambit of my post, do you think the imaginings of the human mind, maybe as in science fiction or other fields of thought, could be the progenitor of reality?
What intriguing things