Another book promotion method

J.J.Overton is from Coventry, in England’s industrial West Midlands. He served an apprenticeship as a precision toolmaker, studied mechanical engineering, and is a Freeman of the City of Coventry. He was a director of Grey and Rushton Precision Tools, and subsequently was involved with quality control at Alfred Herbert Machine Tools, Massey Ferguson and Courtaulds Structural Composites.
To gain traction for my science fiction book, Leofwin's Hundred, I recently offered it in ebook format, free of charge. I was pleased that there was some response. As part of the deal I asked those who responded if they would leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon, or both of them.

I thought it might be a good idea to go one stage further with this promotion idea, but this time with a physical book. Leofwin's Hundred has an effective cover; it stands out amongst other books, and my five-star reviews on Amazon say that it's a good read. Here's a link to it, in case you want to take a look.

For the cost of one book, set against the exposure it would gain me as an author, I thought I would donate a copy to our central library in the West Midlands, here in the UK.

I was uncertain what the response would be when I took the book to the library to show the manager. I had a strut card with me too, one of those I had made by Solopress, with the idea that it could be displayed prominently on a shelf near the book. She looked at the book, held it, smiled broadly, and said YES.

That was about three weeks ago. Sandra and I stopped by the library today, an imposing place on the inside, and we searched for my book on the science fiction shelves. The book wasn't there, but the strut card was, in its prominent position, as requested.

We talked amongst ourselves.
'Could it be on loan?'
I went to the desk and spoke to one of the librarians. She looked at the screen, typed Overton. J.J., and told me that Leofwin's Hundred will be back from loan on